Clarinet bells

Handcrafted Clarinet Bells from Vaccaro & Stevens WoodwindsYou will find that our new clarinet bell design will give you a richer overtone series, a smoothness of sound, and an ease of playing.

Like our clarinet barrels, our clarinet bells are hand-made on a lathe, hand-tuned, and hand-voiced. As with the barrels, you should turn the bell by sixteenth turns until you find the ideal playing position (the "Sweet Spot"). These are hand-tuned clarinet bells and they may not be perfectly round, as we modify the bell for your clarinet. This is not the "one bore fits all" idea.

Finding the Sweet Spot

In testing your barrel or bell, turn it by 1/16 turn and test, listening for the position that gives you the best results, or "sweet spot". If you want to mark the barrel, bell or your clarinet, use only masking tape. Other types of tape will mark the wood and void your warranty.


Finely Handcrafted Clarinet Bells

Because no two clarinets are the same, we prefer to make a bell especially for your clarinet. The clarinet bell affects the overtone series and the nodes of the clarinet more that any single factor.

Is your middle B flat or sharp? Is your high F flat? Do you need to add fingers to your throat tones? All of these factors enter in to our decision on how to make a bell for you.

With one of our clarinet bells, we can’t make a terrible clarinet play great, however, we can make a good clarinet play much better, and a great clarinet achieve a new richness.

Customer Feedback

"The bell plays very well and is beautiful.....the upper register is easier to play and the projection is very good all along...In the middle register up to down the scale the sound is beautiful!.
I want to thank you again for your excellent services and products.
Best Regards,
Julien Roussel


Additional considerations for you to know:

  • While we don’t prefer it, in certain cases we will send you a bell without having your clarinet to assess.
  • When you buy the clarinet bell it is yours, there are no returns, though we will work with you to re-voice the bell if we think it necessary.
  • We simply do not believe that it is possible to sell a clarinet bell like a barrel by just sending you a few to try and you sending the ones back you don’t like. The overtone series is the master here and it is important for us to know the idiosyncrasies of your clarinet.
  • If we have your clarinet, and we're not happy with the bell we make for it, we will be happy to refund your pre-payment.

Prices for Clarinet Bells


Please call to check availability of our bells. If none are available, we will call you when your name comes up, and will manufacture your bell after we receive payment.


Please contact us directly to discuss how our clarinet bells might benefit you or to learn more about our product line and availability of products.