Vaccaro and Stevens Woodwinds

Welcome to Vaccaro and Stevens Woodwinds, where we specialize in handmade, hand-tuned and hand-voiced clarinet barrels and bells.

Vaccaro and Stevens is: Mike Vaccaro, an accomplished clarinet player and woodwind artist, and Bill Stevens, a master woodworker and metalworker with a keen ear for music.

Aftermarket clarinet barrels and clarinet bells are more important than some may think. Response, tone, and intonation, can be greatly affected by the construction and dimensions of these parts. If you're interested in learning more about this, please visit our Clarinet Barrels & Bells Articles section.


Clarinet Barrels and Clarinet Bells from Vaccaro & Stevens Woodwinds

Handcrafted Clarinet Barrels & Clarinet Bells

Together, Mike and Bill have created a line of clarinet barrels and bells that we think you owe it to yourself to try. Our clarinet barrels and bells are turned by hand on a lathe by Bill several times to meet strict tolerances and correct any changes in the wood as it dries.

Handcrafted Clarinet Barrels & Bells

Then the artistry comes in. We hand-tune each clarinet barrel or bell until the piece of wood sings to it best potential. We have a design for the interior and exterior of our barrels and bells that brings the wood we use to its maximum potential.

We are unique, in that we make clarinet barrels in sizes that include half millimeters. We make 67 mm, 66.5 mm, 66 mm, 65.5 mm, 65 mm, 64.5 mm and 64 mm. We will also make longer or shorter barrels upon request.

Clarinetists performing on our aftermarket clarinet barrels and bells are quite pleased, and we trust you will like them as well. If you would like to replace that shoebox of clarinet barrels with a single barrel and find a clarinet bell that will improve the overtone series and response on your clarinet, we invite you to try our products.